NRI RAHAT is a one of its kind Project presently providing services to large number of NRI's. It targets to provide best possible services for people away from India with their roots attached to the Mother Land. We specialize in settling up your properties hassle free with personalized attention to your Inherited or any other Property along with ongoing litigations if any.

ADPL ( An assets investment and management company) is well established with 2 decades of experience and professionally managed with the unique combination of complete Knowledge of Real Estate affairs and related Legal practices. ADPL has international associates in Canada, US and U.K to cater to multinational clients with quality commercial as well as Legal services. We are associated with top Law firms in New Delhi, to provide to best litigation services as per your requirements. We have clustered our services to ensure that all complimentary requirements are available under one roof.

We hold the skill, experience & expertise to carry out the NRI services, some of which are mentioned as below -

  • Sale and Purchase of Property
  • Custody for property & assets
  • Distressed Assets consultancy and Solution
  • Ancestral Properties & Inheritance advisory
  • Real Estate Investments and Advisory
  • Legal Services
  • Construction development and management
  • Liaison Services
  • Tenant Management

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